Bregenz Projektwoche

Project week in Bregenz
In September our classes, the 2a and 2b, went to Bregenz. We went by train. When we were in Bregenz, we went on a guided tour through the city. On the second day we went up the „Pfänder“ and watched a birdshow. , we went to the „Vorarlberg Museum“ and it was very interesting. In the afternoon we went on paddle boats and had great fun. The food was okay, we ate Lasagne, Schnitzel, Spaghetti and more. On the third day we were in the museum Inatura. It was really cool. We learned a lot of things about animals and technical things. On the last day we were in an art museum. Later we went shopping and bought a lot of things. The week was really cool because I shared a room with my friends Anna, Lena, Mariana and Leonie. Our teachers, Mrs. Schmid, Mr. Schlatter and Miss Kathrein were with us too.

Leonie Schendinger 2a