England 2017

Die Reise nach England wurde vom Land Tirol gefördert.

Day 1

At 1 p.m. we met at school. There our priest prayed with us and after that we said goodbye to our families. At 1:15 p.m. we started our tour to Innsbruck. After the check-in we went to our gate and had to wait, but then we heard a terrible message. Our flight was delayed because there was a heavy thunderstorm. The plane landed in Munich to escape the storm and to refuel. After that we got a voucher for something to eat and drink. After we had bought food and drinks we had to wait again. Half an hour later we got another voucher because we had to go by bus to Munich. Some more food and drinks! The ride took us two hours. Then we finally flew to London Gatwick. At last at three am we got to our host families by taxi. Dog tired and happy end.

(Lorena and Jana)

Day 2

At 9 am we began with our English lessons. The teacher first showed us places on the Eastbourne map. We had a 30-minutes break. In the break we ate a little bit from our lunch packet. In the second part of the morning we spoke a little bit about England and different languages.
After school showed us their B&B guesthouse and then we went to the McDonald's. After many hamburgers we showed the teachers how to get to our busses. We visited other sights in the city and we were also at the seafront. Then we went home by bus, had dinner and went to bed.
This was our first full day in the city Eastbourne. I think it was very nice.

(Ferenc and Martin H.)

Day 3

Today we went to the cliffs with the hop-on-hop-off bus. The bus ride was very funny and cool because the leaves of the trees hit some of us, but not too hard. When we stood up we could touch the leaves. At Beachy Head, Belle Tout Light house and Birling Gap we took a lot of pictures, especially Luke the photographer. We found many interesting stones and chalk-stones. Later at the Eastbourne Pier we ate ice-creams or slushy.     
It was a really great day.

(Fanziska and Antonia)

Day 4

On Friday morning we got up at seven o'clock and had a delicious breakfast. We had toast and cornflakes. Then we went to the bus stop with our host mother because she had go to work. By bus we went to school. At school we learned about idioms and played games. After school we got a sheet from the teachers with questions about Eastbourne and its sights. We had to find the answers in groups. We asked a lot people for help. At four o'clock we went back to our meeting place. Then we were allowed to go shopping for half an hour. In the meantime the teachers checked the papers. We won the second prize. After that we drove home.

Simone and Leonie

Day 5

We did not have school on Saturday. At 9:20am we met by the tree in front of the Mc Donald’s. We took a sightseeing bus along the Sussex coast. We walked along the Cuckmere River and saw the Seven Sisters again. We stopped twice and had a rest. We ate something or we had fun. Then we went to the beach. Some of us went swimming in Seaford. We ate an ice cream and had fun. In Rottingdean we went to a restaurant. The teachers allowed us to go shopping or eating for 15 minutes. Some of us ate fish and chips. I also ate baked beans. It was very, very good. Then we took the bus back to Eastbourne. It was a very nice day.

Hanna, Simone and Julia

Day 6

On Sunday we were in Brighton. We went by train. It took one hour. When we got off the train we went to Bond Street. We saw many colourful houses and graffiti. Brighton is famous for these. Then we went to the Brighton Pier. We had one and half hours free time. We rode a lot of roller coasters. Some of us bought food, doughnuts or crepes with Nutella, bananas and cream. After the Pier we went to the Royal Pavilion. There we had a tour with headphones. After that we waited in the park in front of the Pavilion and took a photo of the picturesque building. Then we to the “Shakeaway”. There we were allowed to buy shakes. Later walk through the famous lanes and shopping streets. Then we took the train home. Another nice day.

(Antonia and Franziska)

Day 7

On Monday morning we went to school and in the afternoon to Hastings. In Hastings we did a lot of things. We went to the “Smugglers’ Adventure”, to the “Piece of Cheese” and to the “Net Shops”. In the Smugglers’ caves we saw smugglers. They lived in the 18th and 19th century. It is was amazing. It was good do see that. Then we went to the “Piece of Cheeses”. The piece of cheeses it's the only triangular house in England to let. The Net Shops are small wood houses, where the fish net were dried and where you can buy fish nowadays.


Day 8

At half past nine we all met near the train station, but 2 of our classmates weren't there on time. So we had to go to the train station (by bus) because they waited there. After that we went to the airport (London-Gatwick) and from there we flew back to Austria, Innsbruck. A bus took us back home.


(Jana and Lorena)